Basilisk at Polkadot sub0, Bug Bounty Program, NFT Contest Winners

September 2022

TNKR on Snek LBP, NFT Marketplace, Liquidity Mining

August 2022

Dear frens of the most feared reptile, GM! We are pleased to inform you that after winning Kusama parachain auction #47, Basilisk has successfully…

July 2022

Trade BSX with aUSD and KSM, Future Plans for Snek

June 2022

Referendum to Launch BSX via XYK Pools

April 2022

How to Participate in Testnet, Future Outlook, amsterDOT Conf Hack

February 2022

Product Overview - Current Status - Weekly Dev Updates

December 2021

Update On Winning, Failing, And Learning
BSX Rewards Distribution, HDX Bonus Tripling

October 2021

Basilisk Wins Auction #8, LBP Event, Crowdloan Rewards

September 2021

Basilisk in the Lead for Slot #8, AMA with Founders, Lisbon Meetup
Auction #7 Started, Fearless Integration, Smartboy NFTs